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Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890) has been on the mind of FREYWILLE artists for many years – after a period of intense research and design work, FREYWILLE reveals a new Hommage dedicated to one of the greatest artists of all times. Three of Van Gogh’s masterpieces have been chosen as an inspiration to create beautiful jewellery: “Almond Blossom”, “The Starry Night”, and “Sunflowers”. A lot of dedication and many thoughts were given to this new collection, which is certainly a significant milestone in FREYWILLE’s creative work. Further information about the source of inspiration and designs of the HOMMAGE À VINCENT VAN GOGH collection can be found here.

It is the plants and colours of Giverny that inspired the artists at FREYWILLE to create the HOMMAGE À CLAUDE MONET collection. Their goal was to convey the same emotions that Monet must have felt when working in his garden, however they wanted to intensify these in shining fire enamel. Discover more details about the beautiful HOMMAGE À CLAUDE MONET collection here

The work of Alphonse Mucha with its uniquely decorative and symbolic elements, shows a world of ethereal beauty in which art and life are well balanced. This was the inspiration for the FREYWILLE artists to create the collection HOMMAGE À ALPHONSE MUCHA; typical Art Nouveau elements combined with individual notes from their own interpretation. Find more information about Alphonse Mucha, his work and the beautiful 'Hommage à' collection here.

Gustav Klimt became known for his paintings, murals and beautiful objets d'art: Lush images, wonderful colours and lots of gold—with all of this, FREYWILLE’s artists easily found inspiration for their HOMMAGE À GUSTAV KLIMT designs. This collection pays tribute to the master of decorative art and is closely related to his hometown Vienna and Viennese Art Nouveau. Learn more about the sources of inspiration and designs here.

The manifestation of Hundertwasser’s ideas and ideals in his paintings and buildings impressed and inspired FREYWILLE artists to create a special collection, one honouring his characteristic artistic elements. HOMMAGE À HUNDERTWASSER collection consists of six sets: Spiral of Life, with its never-ending circles of red, blue and green; 10002 Nights, which is a wildly-coloured fantasy of minarets; Street Rivers, a bright and happy march of houses and Imperial, a multifaceted design interpretation full of intense symbols and colours. Hundertwasser would be pleased to see that there is not a straight line in sight. Further information about all designs can be found here.


Ode to Joy of Life

Heavenly Joy

Intense pleasure in life and light-heartedness – ODE TO JOY OF LIFE is a tribute to enduring happiness. In fresh colours and artistic designs full of joie de vivre, this collection radiates the inimitable FREYWILLE spirit.


Folkloric Masterpieces

Golden Kalinka

The Folkloric Masterpieces collection is a tribute to a continent full of cultural, creative and multi-national variety, and to its commitment to artistic power. 


Hommage à Venise

Clock Tower of St. Marcus

Venice, with its unrivalled cultural richness, is a unique and magical place - a city steeped in history and touched by eternity. When FREYWILLE's artists set out to honour Venice and its importance to the development of art, they chose the Lion — the heraldic animal of Venice — as the centerpiece of the design.


The winged sphinx is a female mythical creature and an ancient symbol of power embodying an enduring dream of humankind: she combines the strength and elegance of a lion, with the freedom of an eagle and the intellectual capabilities of a human being. As she is a symbol for creativity and the power to implement it, she was chosen as FREYWILLE’s logo — and as the subject of a collection, which we present in many wonderful colours.