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Independent collection


Artistic accomplishment, uniqueness, brilliance of colour: these are the characteristics of FREYWILLE jewellery. All designs are exclusive to FREYWILLE and are made with a mastery of craftsmanship and creativity. There are two elements in particular that are at the heart of the work done by our artists at FREYWILLE: joy in art and a passion for design. Discover our Independent Collection based on humanistic ideas and philosophy.


Intense pleasure in life and light-heartedness – Ode to Joy of Life is a tribute to enduring happiness. In fresh colours and artistic designs full of joie de vivre, this collection carries with it the inimitable FREYWILLE spirit.

Our design: Heavenly Joy

With their Heavenly Joy design, the FREYWILLE artists composed a symphonic celebration of life. Cheerful colours immediately conjure happy memories of love, passion and light-hearted happiness.


It all began with a fascination with Russia, a country rich in contrasts that affect and inspire every visitor and admirer: vast, lively, powerful, colourful, rough, magnificent and magical. Outstanding beauty, vivid folklore and renowned cultural treasures which can be found in music, literature, art or ballet are part of Russia’s past and present. The special aspects of Russia are shown through the personalities of the people, their joy of life, their melodious and expressive language and their way of living. The Folkloric Masterpiece collection is a tribute to the cultural, creative and multi-national variety of a special continent, and to a commitment to artistic power.

Our design: Golden Kalinka

The design of Golden Kalinka reveals a real Russian passion: the love of nature. Nature is also the key element in the Russian decorative art form Khokhloma. For Golden Kalinka FREYWILLE’s artists took inspiration from the key elements of traditional Russian style and turned them into precious and stunning jewellery pieces. The multitude of the colour palette is rich and luxurious. Golden Kalinka, with its vivid display of energy and passion, is a modern interpretation of a traditional theme, perfectly suited for a world of fashion and luxury. 


As early as 1991 it was Dr. Wille’s enthusiasm for Egyptian culture that served as idea for a collection that enjoyed great popularity worldwide and was celebrated in many designs. To commemorate FREYWILLE’s 65th anniversary, our designers were again inspired by the rich Egyptian history. After extensive research, a meaningful collection has been created, which has implemented the symbolism and allegory wealth of Egypt in luxury jewellery celebrating femininity, grandeur and ancient beauty.

Our design: Tutanchamun

Pharaoh Tutankhamun‘s impressive grave goods, unique treasures that were found in 1922, served as a rich source of inspiration for the design Tutanchamun. Expressive colours in bright turquoise, royal blue and intense red were inspired by the semiprecious stones turquoise, lapis lazuli and carnelian that have been processed to precious trinkets at the time of Tutankhamun. Noble gold in design and the contours refer to the gold-leafed grave goods such as the famous death mask. The jewellery pieces are displaying different symbols that transfer a special meaning to them: The tender lotus flower stands for regeneration and renewal. In ancient Egypt the characteristic scarab served as a lucky charm. Traditional images show him carrying a shining sun disk, representing vitality and joy.


The winged sphinx is a female mythical creature and an ancient symbol of power embodying an enduring dream of humankind: she combines the strength and elegance of a lion, with the freedom of an eagle and the intellectual capabilities of a human being. As she is a symbol for creativity and the power to implement it, she was chosen as FREYWILLE’s logo—and as the subject of a collection, which we present in many wonderful colours.

For the Magic Sphinx collection, the FREYWILLE artists set the emphasis on the wings that symbolize the essence of creativity and art: the development, and then flight, of ideas.

Our designs

The Magic Sphinx Collections consists of seven designs: PLATINUM, IVORY, TURQUOISE, ROYAL BLUE, CORAL, WHITE PEARL and POPPY RED.



Venice, with its unrivalled cultural richness, is a unique and magical place - a city steeped in history and touched by eternity. Every year, millions of people visit 'La Serenissima’ to admire St. Mark´s Square, the Doge´s Palace and the Rialto Bridge.

Away from the tourist attractions, the city is characterized by narrow canals, tiny streets, dark corners, picturesque bridges and stunning architecture--the whole is an urban masterpiece that no artist can ignore. It has long been a mecca for artists, and since 1895, artists, art dealers and culture enthusiasts have travelled to Venice for La Biennale di Venezia, the fabulous exhibition that brings contemporary art to life in this ancient setting. And all of this is what inspired FREYWILLE to create a collection for this beautiful place.

Our design: Clock Tower of St. Marcus

When FREYWILLE's artists set out to honour Venice and its importance to the development of art, they chose the Lion--the heraldic animal of Venice--as the centrepiece of the design. The winged lion is related to St. Marcus; on the Torre dell’Orologio, the 15th-century clock tower at St. Mark's Square, he holds a book with the text 'Pax Tibi Marce Evangelista Meus' or 'May Peace Be With You, Marcus, My Evangelist'. The design also includes details of the Doge's Palace and the lush colours associated with this wonderful city.

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