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Hommage à Vincent van Gogh

  • Vincent van Gogh
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Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is considered the creator of modern painting. His work is attributed to Post-Impressionism and exerted a great influence on subsequent art movements such as Fauvism (for example Henri Matisse) and Expressionism. Van Gogh's distinctive work is instantly recognizable as unique. What he could not say in words, he expressed with the help of strong colours and thick brushstrokes on his paintings. Van Gogh applied the colours impasto, i.e. only slightly diluted or completely undiluted. Also, he partially pressed the colours directly from the tube onto the canvas. His painting style is characterized by expressive brushstrokes and a quick, spontaneous approach, without making any subsequent major corrections. This technique contributed to his unmistakable style.

While Van Gogh was barely able to sell paintings during his lifetime, his paintings achieve record prices at auctions nowadays.

The interpretation of various paintings of Van Gogh led to the creation of a beautiful jewellery collection, which finds in our 18-karat Gold & Diamonds Edition, the highest perfection of enamel jewellery art.


One of his most famous paintings, "The Starry Night" shows the view from Van Gogh's room just before sunrise. In their interpretation of this unique painting, the FREYWILLE artists incorporated unmistakable elements such as the detailed brush strokes into the "Éternité" design.
The exclusive pieces of jewellery now present themselves in the 18-karat Gold & Diamonds Edition as a perfect unity between the joy of the artistic design and the desire for something special.


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