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Hommage á Paul Gauguin. hands holding a brush and painting a sketch of the design Hommage á Paul Gauguin Bora Bora


FREYWILLE is pleased to present their new Hommage collection, this time inspired by the extraordinary French painter Paul Gauguin.
Paul Gauguin's expressive paintings, which he created during his stay in Polynesia, convince with their bright colours, a lush plant world and their idle, colourfully clothed residents. When he first arrived in Polynesia, he expected to find an exotic paradise which would make life easy and wonderful, contrary to his life in France. But what he found did not match this vision, so instead he went on to capture his dream of a perfect paradise within his artistic oeuvre.

Portrait of Paul Gauguin


Paul Gauguin (1848 Paris - 1903 Hiva Oa, French Polynesia) was an influential French painter whose work is attributed to post-impressionism. He co-founded synthetism and became a pioneer of expressionism.
Gauguin is known for his colourful, expressive paintings of the South Seas, which he created during his time in Polynesia. His work embraces the use of bright colours, a colourful tropical plant world and the depiction of the idle and decoratively dressed residents of the islands. His paintings showcase an exotic paradise that the painter had always dreamt of but sought for in vain. His artistic oeuvre furthermore included ceramics and wood carvings. Gauguin's artistic life was often precarious, with his hoped-for financial success only being established towards the end of his career.


The painter‘s yearning for the ideal tropical paradise inspired FREYWILLE’s design team to create a colourful hommage à Paul Gauguin collection, interpreting Gauguin’s lush and colourful painting motifs in finest fire enamel.


Lush, summery and bursting with colour! POLYNESIA reflects Gauguin's beautiful floral and landscape impressions. The interpretation captures these aspects within an expressive and radiant design, which, particularly in combination with the yellow gold powder used within the fire enamel motif, becomes a flattering jewellery design for all types and ages. The main elements of the design are the beautiful white and pink lilies depicted on a vivid colourful background, paired with decorative green foliage. The design is set in yellow gold. 


A colourful world of tropical fruit, exquisite flowers and the decorative floral dress patterns of Polynesian women are captured in this tropical potpourri. Beaming in intense red, yellow and deep blue, TAHITI’s fire enamel motif sparks with yellow gold dust and is set in white gold/rhodium to offer an alternative choice within the Hommage collection.


The dreamy-looking design BORA BORA captivates with its converging colours and shapes and is meant to mirror an immersion in tropical paradise. The collection showcases abstract, expressive elements inspired by the exotic flora of the island.

A colourful design like a dance in Polynesian heaven. Set in yellow gold.

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