Unfortunatley, you cannot order products online in your country, but only browse through our jewellery.
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Product Piracy and Counterfeit Warning


The Official FREYWILLE Webshop

It was only recently that we launched the first official FREYWILLE Webshop, at shop.freywille.com. At the moment, it is only available in European Union countries as well as in USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Russia; it will soon be available worldwide.
Important: Please make sure that you are shopping at our official webshop by checking the URL you are on: it should be shop.freywille.com.


Other Points of Sale

Apart from our webshop, you can purchase FREYWILLE pieces only in our Boutiques, through our official partners and via MailOrder (from https://shop.freywille.com, or from a Boutique in your country).


Warning Against Product Piracy

Unfortunately, many websites try to create the look and feel of the official FREYWILLE online world by featuring our trade name and/or our trademarks, by copying photographs and/or text directly from our official site, or from our sales material.

In addition, discounts on the suggested retail price of alleged FREYWILLE products are offered to make consumers believe they are receiving a good deal, when in fact they are receiving fake products (or nothing at all). Even if you see the word FREYWILLE, even if it has appeared in an online search, and even if our official images appear, it is important that you check the website carefully before you buy. If you see products are offered at extremely low prices, it is a counterfeit site. 

We appreciate your help!