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Protecting your Jewelry

Every piece of FREYWILLE jewelry is a high-quality work of art. Please wear and look after it carefully, so that you can continue to enjoy it for years to come. What makes FREYWILLE jewelry so uniquely brilliant is the 24kt gold that is embedded in colourful fire enamel, a glass-like material that must be protected from impacts and scratching. Our settings are produced exclusively by our European manufacturers. They are then sent to our atelier in Vienna, where they are closely inspected before the fire enamel decorations are applied. Only flawless settings and enamel are used.


Nevertheless, depending on how long the piece of jewelry has been worn and the use it has been subjected to, it may begin to show signs of wear, and scratches may become noticeable. Please do not wear FREYWILLE jewelry directly next to another piece of jewelry. Also, please keep your jewelry away from chemicals, detergents, lotions and water.


You will have long-lasting enjoyment of your fire enamel ring and its brilliant colours, if you:

Keep it from banging against other hard surfaces. Avoid wearing other rings beside it. Store it separately from your other jewelry. Take it off before washing your hands.

Jewelry Watches

FREYWILLE‘s quartz jewelry watches are of the highest quality and the result of expert teamwork. The timepiece and housing are made in Switzerland; they are assembled and perfected at FREYWILLE‘s Vienna headquarters.


There is a two-year guarantee on your new watch from the date of purchase. The guarantee covers manufacturing defaults and explicitly excludes damages due to improper handling, battery replacement and wearing of leather straps. We recommend avoiding contact with liquids on the jewelry watch, especially on the leather band.


The Jewelry Watch Guarantee is only valid when it is completed upon purchase, authorised and presented at time of repair.

Silk Scarves

FREYWILLE’s exquisite silk scarves are 100% pure silk. Please have your scarves dry-cleaned only (without trichloroethylene) and, if necessary, iron them on the lowest setting. Please note that we do not assume any guarantee for stains due to contact with water (also rain).


Silk Ties

After you’ve worn your tie, we recommend that you open the knot and roll it up for a few hours—this allows the fibres to flatten. Do not iron the tie; if it does become creased, use a steamer only or have it dry-cleaned.

Writing Instruments

The caps of FREYWILLE writing instruments can be opened and closed by turning. To avoid damaging the thread, please do not close it too tightly. If the nib becomes blocked with dried ink, we recommend soaking the nib overnight in lukewarm water.

Evening Bags

Protect FREYWILLE evening bags against extreme heat, harsh sunlight and permanent humidity. Fingerprints can easily be removed with a dry and soft cleaning cloth.


Clasp Bangles

As with your FREYWILLE rings, bracelets should be stored away from other jewelry and should not be banged or exposed to chemicals or water.

How to open and close your clasp bangle:

  1. Hold the bracelet in one hand, as you would a teacup. Make sure the half of the bracelet whose inside is engraved with the FREYWILLE logo is in your hand. With your thumb, gently press the upper side of the other half down. The bracelet will open without difficulty. Please note: Never pull the bracelet apart sideways.
  2. Snap closed with the clasp hook pointing towards you.
  3. To remove the bracelet, insert your forefinger between the top of your wrist and the bracelet, directly behind the clasp joint. Then press down and out with your thumb on the other side of the joint.


Size guides

Please use following size guides to know your FREYWILLE jewellery size:

Ring size guide

Boarded bangle size guide

Clasp bangle & bracelets manchettes size guide

Chain length guide