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Pharaoh Egypt

  • Inspiration
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As early as 1991 it was Dr. Wille’s enthusiasm for Egyptian culture that served as idea for a collection that enjoyed great popularity worldwide and was celebrated in many designs. To commemorate FREYWILLE ’s 65th anniversary, our designers were again inspired by the rich Egyptian history. After extensive research, a meaningful collection has been created, which has implemented the symbolism and allegory wealth of Egypt in luxury jewellery celebrating femininity, grandeur and ancient beauty.


Pharaoh Tutankhamun‘s impressive grave goods, unique treasures that were found in 1922, served as a rich source of inspiration for the design Tutanchamun. Expressive colours in bright turquoise, royal blue and intense red were inspired by the semiprecious stones turquoise, lapis lazuli and carnelian that have been processed to precious trinkets at the time of Tutankhamun. Noble gold in design and the contours refer to the gold-leafed grave goods such as the famous death mask. The jewellery pieces are displaying different symbols that transfer a special meaning to them: The tender lotus flower stands for regeneration and renewal. In ancient Egypt the characteristic scarab served as a lucky charm. Traditional images show him carrying a shining sun disk, representing vitality and joy.



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