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Bloggers constantly inspire their followers with new styles and ways to combine outfits and accessories.
Learn more about their favourite jewellery and collections of FREYWILLE and get inspired.


Pastel Dreams - A harmoniously perfectly matched ensemble. The discreet shade of rose gold in the POÉSIE D'AMOUR design emphasises the feminine aspects of the design even more and creates the perfect accompaniment for the playful shapes of the artistically designed fire-enamel, in which fine 24-kt rose gold has been processed as well.

The Monochrome bangles are timeless pieces of jewellery full of glamour and versatility. The shimmering, monochrome fire-enamel can be effortlessly combined with all FREYWILLE collections thanks to the matching colour palette.

Photo: John Pavlish for 

Model&Stylist: Ivana Pavić 


Inspired by Sophie Taeuber-Arp's artwork ""Quatre espaces à cercles rouges roulants""(Four spaces with rolling red circles) from 1932, the multi-faceted geometric shapes and colours have been transposed onto fire-enamel and convey pure joie de vivre andmovement. The abstract, geometric design of lines and shapes is presented in two different colour ways: DAY & EVENING. The colours for the EVENING version are based on a monochrome palette of soft grey,blue and earth tones, alternating with gold and black, which set the scene for thegeometric elements in a discreet and elegant way. 


Photo: Ante Odak 
Model: Elena Dizdar

In addition to the paintings and the unmistakable style, the FREYWILLE artists were also profoundly inspired by Gustav Klimt's muses and the way he depicted them. This is how the INSPIRED BY PORTRAIT ADELE BLOCH-BAUER design came into life, with itsdecorative elements and playful shapes typical of Klimt.

Pure jewellery design and an artfully designed fire-enamel surface create a decorative piece of jewellery that proves to be a veritable eye-catcher.

Photo: John Pavlish for 
Model: Elena Dizdar 


We have the perfect jewellery selection for brunch dates, afternoon tea or dinner cocktails! Our carefully selected pieces are true statement pieces with a radiantly colourful motifs full of radiance and complexity, that lends its wearer an incomparable aura. Our jewellery pieces are available in various sizes and shapes, which combined withone another create an imposing appearance.