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Pharaoh Egypt


Clasp Bangle Ballerina


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Materialfire enamel, 24kt gold-plated
SKUPE 466/5
The Ballerina is the most delicate of our clasp bangles–a beautiful, classic piece of jewellery. Elegant and versatile, it is the perfect companion for every occasion.

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You will have long-lasting enjoyment of your fire enamel clasp bangle and its brilliant colours, if you:

- Keep it from banging against other hard surfaces.

- Avoid wearing other jewellery beside it.

- Store it separately from your other jewellery.

- Take it off before washing your hands.



How to open and close your clasp bangle.


  1. Hold the bracelet in one hand, as you would a teacup. Make sure the half of the bracelet whose inside is engraved with the FREYWILLE logo is in your hand. With your thumb, gently press the upper side of the other half down. The bracelet will open without difficulty. Please note: Never pull the bracelet apart sideways.
  2. Snap closed with the clasp hook pointing towards you.
  3. To remove the bracelet, insert your forefinger between the top of your wrist and the bracelet, directly behind the clasp joint. Then press down and out with your thumb on the other side of the joint.


inner diameter

inner circumference

  MM inch MM inch
XS 45 x 54 1.77 x 2.13 157 6.18
S 46 x 57 1.81 x 2.24 162 6.38
M 49 x 60 1.93 x 2.36 172 6.77
XL 53 x 67 2.09 x 2.64 190 7.48


Download comprehensive clasp bangle size guide here
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