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Bloggers constantly inspire their followers with new styles and ways to combine outfits and accessories.
Learn more about their favourite jewellery and collections of FREYWILLE and get inspired.


A few weeks ago, Tsvetina Tsekova, alias Cvetybaby, travelled to Santorini, Greece, and shared beautiful images of her trip on her blog. As fashion lover, Cvetybaby knows exactly what's in style and how to combine exquisite accessories to her outfit. She did not hesitate to take some beautiful pieces of her all-time favourite jewellery brand FREYWILLE with her. Exclusive jewellery of the Hommage à Hundertwasser collection supplement Cvetybaby's classic look: Mounted in Rhodium/Palladium, the artful fireenamel design 'Spiral of Life' in bright shades of blue and green matches beautifully the colours of the sea and the flair of Santorini.

Cvetybaby decided to wear Mini-Creoles - a pair of classic, yet sophisticated earrings - as well as a combination of bordered bangles. The artistically designed fireenamel surface of bordered bangle MISS, mixed with monochrome bangle MADEMOISELLE in 'Lapis blue', radiates elegance and timelessness. In addition, a true highlight shimmers on Cvetybaby's finger: the decorative ring DIVA beautifully showcases the never ending circles of 'Spiral of Life' and fits perfectly the Blogger's look.

Since it was a sunny yet windy day in Santorini, Cvetybaby decided to wear a silk gavroche of the Hommage à Vincent van Gogh collection around her neck. The classic accessory, made of 100% silk, truly completes her outfit. Discover now Cvetybabys favourite FREYWILLE jewellery and textiles



V icky Heiler is an Austrian Blogger and owner of the blog „Bikinis & Passports“. Vicky describes in her blogpost “Magic Everywhere”, what inspires her. She mentions the Palmenhaus in Schönbrunn, Vienna and features beautiful images of her visit to this place. Vicky wears a white blouse and light-coloured trousers. As of her choice of accessoires, she decided to combine elegant FREYWILLE jewellery with her outfit: Vicky wears a wonderful variation of different bangles, mixing bordered bangle MISS of the collection “L’amandier turquoise” with monochrome bangles in turquoise and ivory. Especially the wonderful design “L’amandier turquoise”, an interpretation of the famous painting “Almond Blossom” by Vincent van Gogh , radiates with a fresh spirit. In addition, Vicky wears a ring in the same design. The elegant ring form MISS, which is in spite of (or because of) its restrained size a real eye-catcher, harmonizes perfectly with Vicky’s clean look.

If you want to read the full post, visit Vicky's Blog here.



D enina Martin is a Bulgarian blogger, who writes about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. In her blogpost about accessoires, she blogs about the topic "Coffee talk: Am I an influencer?" and the way she feels about it.  As part of her 4th birthday of "Purely Me by Denina Martin" she shares a beautiful jewellery inspiration with her readers: Wearing an outfit with autumnal colors on a sunny day, combining it with exclusive jewellery from her favourite and ever-inspiring jewellery brand FREYWILLE and its design "Éternité" of the Hommage à Vincent van Gogh collection .

Denina features a beautiful mix of different bangles, combining bordered bangle DONNA, a true classic bangle with a pure shape, surrounded with artistically designed fire enamel in the design "Éternité", with the delicate form of bordered bangle Mademoiselle. The monochrome bangles Mademoiselle in the color "Lapis Blue" and "Tangerine Orange" perectly harmonize with the artistic design of "Éternité". As of her choice of ring, she decided to go with the elegant, however eye-catching ring form DIVA, which beautifully shines on her finger. To complete the look, Denina wears a necklace with the pendant "HELENA". The tender, circulare shape of this form radiates an esprit of clearity and feminity.

If you want to read the full post, visit Denina's Blog here.



M intstories is a blog owned by Zvezdelina Tsolova. The Bulgarian blogger keeps her followers updated about different topics, such as food, travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. In her blogpost "gray shades and Poésie d'amour", Zvezdelina shares beautiful images of herself on a November day. She wears a classic look: a long grey coat with a colour-matching dress underneath, black boots and a scarf to keep her warm on this sunny but cold day. During the cold season, jewellery often disappears under several warm layers of clothing, however Zvedelina features a perfect way of how to stay warm and still to be able to show her wonderful FREYWILLE jewellery: She wears a long anchor-chain with a LUNA PIENA pendant of the designs "Poésie d'Amour". The pendant, inspired by the harmony of the circle, beautifully shows off the artistically fire enamel design due to its larger size. The design "Poésie d'Amour" of the Hommage à Alphonse Mucha collection , radiates with delicate colours and is plated with 24kt rose gold Rhodium/ Palladium. In addition to the pendant, Zvedelina wears two clasp bangles of the same design. Clasp bangle CONTESSA, which becomes more narrow towards the closure and clasp bangle BALLERINA, a beautiful, sophisticated and timeless bracelet. To complete her classic outfit, Zvedelina decided to wear two MISS rings on the same finger - a great way to give her look that certain something!

If you want to read the full post, visit Mint Stories here .