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Passionate Russia

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It all began with a fascination with Russia, a country rich in contrasts that affect and inspire every visitor and admirer: vast, lively, powerful, colourful, rough, magnificent and magical. Outstanding beauty, vivid folklore and renowned cultural treasures which can be found in music, literature, art or ballet are part of Russia’s past and present. The special aspects of Russia are shown through the personalities of the people, their joy of life, their melodious and expressive language and their way of living. Each of the four designs of the Passionate Russia collection is a completed masterpiece, and part of an ensemble. Each is a tribute to the cultural, creative and multi-national variety of a special continent, and to a commitment to artistic power.

My Matryoshka

On the outside, a matryoshka doll is a folkloristic version of a Russian woman in miniature; internally, it represents important values of the Russian soul: family, heritage, continuity. One coming out of another, the dolls forge a vital connection between the generations. Matryoshka dolls are a symbol of femininity crystalized in eternal renewal.

Placing the happy dolls, into a rich pattern of brilliant colour and gold is FREYWILLE’s tribute to endless and conscious femininity.


Golden Kalinka

The design of Golden Kalinka reveals a real Russian passion: the love of nature. Nature is also the key element in the Russian decorative art form Khokhloma. For Golden Kalinka FREYWILLE’s artists took inspiration from the key elements of traditional Russian style and turned them into precious and stunning jewellery pieces. The multitude of the colour palette is rich and luxurious. Golden Kalinka, with its vivid display of energy and passion, is a modern interpretation of a traditional theme, perfectly suited for a world of fashion and luxury.


Glorious Firebird

In Russian fairy tales, the firebird has taken a major role as a symbol of beauty, health, light and prosperity. The FREYWILLE design Glorious Firebird takes you to a fairy tale world beyond reality, full of symbolism and inanimate objects. Like the phoenix, the firebird is a Russian symbol of resurrection and immortality, as its splendid gold feathers are said to have the power to light up the world. From being a symbol of doom to hope, the firebird’s tales has given many the inspirations to rebuild their lives and, in their darkest moments, believe that there is light to be found. Glorious Firebird is an outstanding design that celebrates human values and dreams that are worth striving for.


Swan Lake

With Swan Lake, FREYWILLE’s artists created a tribute to Russian ballet. We think of ballet as a form of artistic expression but, in Russia, it is a dignified symbol of cultural life and heritage. The history of Russian ballet is long and uneasy, but it has been triumphant. Just as in Europe, it has been neglected, criticized, worshiped and ignored. But Swan Lake has prevailed as, along with the Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty, it is one of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Big Three’. Here, captured in precious jewellery, the design Swan Lake demonstrates the mysterious and tempting nature of ballet. It combines the idea of a dancer’s passion with music, grace, vitality, harmonic colours and vivid motifs.

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