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Ode to Joy of Life

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Intense pleasure in life and light-heartedness – Ode to Joy of Life is a tribute to enduring happiness. In fresh colours and artistic designs full of joie de vivre, this collection carries with it the inimitable FREYWILLE spirit.

Heavenly Joy

With their Heavenly Joy design, the FREYWILLE artists composed a symphonic celebration of life. Cheerful colours immediately conjure happy memories of love, passion and light-hearted happiness.

Endless Love

This design is a reminder of the late 1960s, with its typographical messages and hopeful outlook. As intense and as unique as everlasting love, the strong colours of the Endless Love design glow brightly in exclusive FREYWILLE fire enamel.

Living Art

Living Art is a vibrant design that illustrates the connection between art and the joy of life. Stamped with creativity and impulsiveness, dynamic colours enliven weightless geometric shapes.

Secret Love

Secret Love interprets love at that stage when it is difficult to put into words: a tender feeling in the heart enfolded in romance and held in secret as an ideal. Delicate pastel colours in a design that is subtle and light convey the feeling of early love.

Paradise Moonlight & Paradise Sunlight

An opulent, heavenly sea of flowers draws you into a glorious world of colour. FREYWILLE’s Paradise Sunlight presents delicate shades of pastel colour; in Paradise Moonlight, the colours glow magically, as if emanating from a full moon.

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