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Magic Sphinx

  • Inspiration
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The winged sphinx is a female mythical creature and an ancient symbol of power embodying an enduring dream of humankind: she combines the strength and elegance of a lion, with the freedom of an eagle and the intellectual capabilities of a human being. As she is a symbol for creativity and the power to implement it, she was chosen as FREYWILLE’s logo—and as the subject of a collection, which we present in many wonderful colours.

For the Magic Sphinx collection, the FREYWILLE artists set the emphasis on the wings that symbolize the essence of creativity and art: the development, and then flight, of ideas.

Magic Sphinx Platinum

The sensuous combination of black and gold highlights the timeless elegance of the Magic Sphinx Platinum design. Innovative effects and the use of different gold surfaces in enamel illustrate how the wings of the sphinx have always been a symbol for creativity and power.

Magic Sphinx Ivory

Here, three different gold surfaces meet: 24 kt gold dust, relief gold and gold with a high-gloss, all on glowing enamel and offset by the magical tones of ivory. The inspiring sphinx wings stand out three-dimensionally in fine gold relief; the reflective effects of the gold enchant the eye.

Magic Sphinx Turquoise

In this set, the wings of the FREYWILLE Sphinx stretch across the image with a lovely airiness. Here, again, we have the three different gold surfaces, the enamel glow and the luminosity. As we gaze on the serene blue, our thoughts turn to clear skies and evenings by the sea.

Magic Sphinx Royal Blue

Magic Sphinx Royal Blue is a classic and elegant fusion of deep blue with bright gold permitting innumerable combinations: a casual possibility for that marine look, or can be worn with clear colours for elegance. Different blue tones awaken a longing for warm summer nights at the seaside.

Magic Sphinx Coral

The beautifully feminine Magic Sphinx Coral design is in flattering soft coral. The combination of satin relief gold and intensely glowing enamel is reminiscent of the warming rays of a summer’s evening sun.

Magic Sphinx White Pearl

Minimalistic and delicate—Magic Sphinx White Pearl combines a feminine, shimmering mother-of- pearl effect with elegant palladium and white gold. Stunning.

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