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Lime Green

Bordered Bangle Mademoiselle

An intense colour taking centre stage: our Monochrome Bangles are timeless pieces full of shine and versatility. With their monochrome coloured fire-enamel they suit any outfit effortlessly, and are easily combined with FREYWILLE's art-inspired collections. Mix and match or wear as single statement piece, either way this piece will stand out beamingly.

You will have long-lasting enjoyment of your fire enamel bangle and its brilliant colours, if you:

- Keep it from banging against other hard surfaces.

- Avoid wearing other bangles beside it.

- Store it separately from your other jewellery.

- Take it off before washing your hands.


inner diameter

inner circumference

  MM inch MM inch
M 62 2.44 194 7.64
L 66 2.6 208 8.19


Download comprehensive bangle size guide here