Warning regarding product piracy.
Please note that currently you cannot purchase our products online. You are able to purchase our FREYWILLE products in proven quality via mail-order and in our official boutiques.

Please also note that any websites offering FREYWILLE products for sale online are not official partners of FREYWILLE, and these goods are most likely to be counterfeits. Unfortunately, FREYWILLE products are often copied by dishonest dealers who offer cheap counterfeits of low quality for sale on dubious websites. Although these websites often try to assure our customers that they are selling original products by featuring our trade name, our trademarks, or by using our copyright protected work including our promotion subjects these dealers and websites have nothing to do with our company. FREYWILLE is constantly fighting against these websites and product piracy as such, working in close collaboration with local customs and other official authorities to protect our customers, and ban counterfeits.